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Mokun is a vertically integrated manufacturer in solar tracker systems, consolidating all aspects of the productions in-house, from R&D, engineering, and manufacturing, to distribution, on-site support, and customer service. We have 14 years of innovation and practice is solar tracking technologies with 16GW of installed capacity worldwide. 

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective products as well as technical solutions to help our customers to achieve optimal LCOE.

Solar Super Sonic
PV Jumper Cable Extension Cable
Solar Racking
Solar Racking Rooftop
LifePO4 Battery
MC4 Connectors
Rooftop Racking Clamp

Embarking on a new era of sustainable energy solutions, we have proudly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to PV wires, connectors, fuses, energy storages and more. Distinguished by a relentless pursuit of quality, our products bear UL, TUV, and other certifications.

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Mokun Solar Technology is a leading vertically integrated player in the solar industry. With over 14 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of market-leading solar equipment for utility-scale and off-grid projects. To date, our shipments have empowered over 200 solar power plants worldwide, with a total installation capacity of 16GW.


Since our inception in 2010, Mokun has been at the forefront of solar equipment innovation and implementation. As a vertically integrated player, we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers with a group of highly experienced engineers who possess a deep understanding of solar power plant design and construction.

Based in Atlanta, GA, our goal is to bring the most cutting-edge solar technologies to market and empower our customers with effortless procurement experiences. We take care of quality control, logistics, and inventory management, all from the Peach State.

Let us be your friendly neighborhood solar supplier and solution provider.

Together, we can transform DREAMS to ACTIONS and to achieve a GREEN FUTURE in an affordable way.


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